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Here are some pictures of our breeding females.


                                                                                                     Astana Nanda

                                                Hips 4 :2  

                                                 Yello Vom Haus Schwerzel 


                                                   Pallendon Kristal at Astana




               Fina vom Langenbungert Sch H1

                        Hips "a" Fast Normal       

 Wallace aus Agrigento x Zora vom Baronenwald




Wadacre Taquita at Astana

Hips 5: 4

VA Nero Hirschel x Arminen Perle




We even breed dogs that work.

Below is a brother and sister who are two of Staffordshires top police dogs.


Champion Kelnik Fergus


Wadacre Taquita at Astana


Astana Iso and Astana Ischka

The strength of the kennel is based on the females.


Yello vom Haus Schwerzel Daughter

         Astana Seffe at Qualcroft


                              KC / BVA Hips: 7 : 3


Yello vom Haus Schwerzel Sons

         Astana Santo at Sorento

            Crufts "CC" Winner 2004

                           KC / BVA Hips: 18 : 4


















  Rymark Jaguar








                        KC / BVA Hips: 3 : 3







Yello vom Haus Schwerzel Grandsons

                 Astana Tacko 7 months                    


                        KC / BVA Hips: 7 : 6

      Astana Tipo 7 months     









Karrievale Urko  at 18 months

KC / BVA Hips: 3 : 5