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What's New at Astana

Puppies born 23rd April 2014 6 males 5 females all very good pigment and growing nicely

Astana Lexi confirmed in whelp to Cicolo vom Akrobat
Puppies due around 25th April 2014.
See litters to view the exciting pedigree of this mating.

Astana Malta has found a lovely new home
Astana Malta for
 sale/or terms 
see For Sale Page
Kyros vom Drei Birkenzwinger  x  Astana Lexi
Litter born  20-7-2012
Astana Lexi confirmed
in whelp 19-6-2012
Puppies due around 23rd July
October 2011 Astana Malta attains her Sch H1
Astana Malta attains her BH 17th September
18-6-2011 Astana Lexi
 Koer class 1. Size 59.5cm
7-5-2011 Astana Lexi gets her Sch H1 with scores of 90--85--90 
Zeckel (Ben) now in Toms' name and will spend the rest of his life with us.Thank you Renate
26-3-2011 Astana Malta qualifies AD 
Astana Naxos (Zeckel x Xara) hip score result 3:4
Zeckel(Ben) is now staying here with us permanently
New photos of Astana Malta enjoying herself in the snow
Zeckel returns to us October 2010,he will be available for females.
Lexi gains her BH 15th May
New Pictures of Astana Lexi added to the site
21st April 2010
Interesting article regarding Nutrition & Development in Puppies added to the site 6th December 2009
November 9th Xaras' puppies born 2 males 3 females
October 7th Astana Xara confirmed in whelp litter due beginning of November
20th April 2009 Exciting new stud dog arriving at Astana
10th April 2009 Astana Lexi added to the site
16th January 2009 Astana Daggi at Vernabell gains 2nd place in Post Grad. at Manchester Ch show
15th December 2008 New Astana Gerry picture added
10th December 2008 Astana Idris added to the Astana Web Site
7th December 2008 New Guest Book added to the site
7th December 2008 Astana Hilka added to the Astana Web Site
2nd December Quincie confirmed in whelp pups due beginning of January
30th November Astana Callie del Belezra gains her Sch H1
June 14th Astana Daggi at Vernabell gains her Kkl 1
June 7th Astana Dayna wins a good Special Yearling Class GSDC Devon 
May 24th Astana Dayna gains her Kkl 1
May 23rd Quincie v Langenbungert attains her Lbz
May 18th 2008
Astana Cellie del Belezra gains her Kkl 1
Hips and Elbows "a" stamp Normal ZW 80
and is DNA gpf
Astana Hilka
5 times shown 2x1st place 3x2nd place 
Best Puppy Bitch at Fife GSD Club
Astana Ziska (in Hawaii with Jim Philson) gains her Sch H1 now goes on to do her FH good luck 
May 3rd 2008
Astana Daggi at Vernabell gains her Sch H1
April 27th 2008
Astana Dayna achieves her Sch H1
Score 91 - 88 - 91 = 270 total
April 27th 2008
Astana Gerry Hips & Elbows "a" Normal
Astana Gerry Hips 5:3 
Astana Cellie del Belezra gains her Sch H1
March 29th 
Astana Dayna achieves her BH with 58 points
March 16th 2008
January 1st 2008 Alfons x Quincie pups born
British Sieger Astana Yana at Qualcroft SG 1
British Sieger Astana Gerry VP 4
British Sieger Astana Daggi at Vernabell SG 13
British Sieger Astana Dayna SG 9 
September 15th Astana Alfons Crowned British Sieger 
September 2nd Astana Alfons V16 at the Sieger Show
August 28th Astana Dayna Hips and Elbows (a1 normal)
August 25th Astana Dayna 2nd at S.K.C Champ. show 
Astana Daggi at Vernabell hips 4:6
August 18th Astana Bono at Reyanheath awarded Reserve C.C. at Welsh KC show. 
Astana Djago von Marinita hips 5:5 
August 11th Astana Alfons VA2 Belgium Sieger Show
August 9th Astana Gucci added to the Web Site
August 5th Astana Alfons V6 at Hessen under the
Sieger Judge Reinhardt Meyer
August 4th Astana Daggi added to the Web Site
August 4th Astana Gerry added to the Web Site
July 22nd  Astana Alfons V4 at Hochheim
July 22nd Astana Dayna SG 12 at Hochheim
July 15th  Astana Alfons V3 at Hemer
July 15th Astana Dayna SG8 at Hemer
June 24th Astana Callie del Belezra 1st in Post Grad. 
Heads of the Valley
June 24th Astana Alfons V3 at Hassloch, first time in the Gebrauchshundklasse
June 24th Astana Dayna 2nd Blackpool Champ. show.
   Astana Daggi 5th place Blackpool Champ. show.
Astana Bono at Reyanheath 3rd place Blackpool
Astana Yana 4th place Blackpool Champ show
Quincie Langenbungert litter born June 14th to Philipp aus der Neuen Hauffstrasse
June 10th Astana Dayna gains 1st place W. Yorks. Champ show in good company.
May 13th Astana Alfons gets his Sch H3 Title
May 12th Astana Dayna added to the Web Site
May 6th Astana Daggi at Vernabell VV 3 at Trier-Porta show
May 1st 2007 Astana Alfons gets his Sch H2 Title
April 2007 Astana Alfons gets his Korung Kkl 1
March 2007 Astana Alfons gets his Sch H1 Title
Astana Alfons Sieger critique added to his web page
                Astana Camaro Hips 3 : 3  Elbows Normal
Astana Cellie del Belezra Hips 3 : 3  Elbows Normal
Astana Callie del Belezra Hips 3 : 4  Elbows Normal
Astana Alfons gets his BH
Quincie vom Langenbungert arrives
at Astana December 2006